About Us

The Moustapha Cisse Collection showcases a breathtaking compilation of extraordinary artistry, unrivalled creativity, and captivating stories. Our mission is to celebrate and promote unique African art from talented artists, fostering appreciation and understanding of their work on a global scale.

Our Vision

At Moustapha Cisse Collection, we envision an inclusive platform that celebrates the beauty, diversity, and profound cultural history of African art. By featuring exceptional masterpiece collections, we aim to bridge the gap between artist and art enthusiast, fostering cultural exchange and creative dialogue. Through the power of art, we strive to reshape perceptions and deepen the recognition of Africa’s immense artistic contributions to the world.

History of the Company

Moustapha-Cisse, established in 1998 by visionary Kayla Baker, has been a prominent force in the art industry for over two decades. From its humble beginnings as a local art gallery in Dakar, Senegal, the Moustapha Cisse Collection has grown into a renowned institution celebrated for its unrivaled curation and support of Africa’s vibrant artistic community. Along the journey, we have successfully curated numerous international exhibitions, partnering with esteemed museums, cultural institutions, and notable art collectors.

Founder – Kayla Baker

Kayla Baker, a visionary entrepreneur and ardent art lover, founded Moustapha Cisse Collection with a tireless dedication to elevating African art to its deserving global recognition. With a deep-rooted passion for African culture and a background in art history, Kayla possesses an exceptional ability to identify artistic mastery and hidden gems within the vast array of African art across diverse artistic mediums. Her unrivaled expertise and relentless pursuit of artistic excellence have propelled the Moustapha Cisse Collection to its prestigious standing today.

The Website – A Vision Manifested

The decision to create the Moustapha Cisse Collection website stemmed from a fervent desire to reach a wider audience and provide art enthusiasts, collectors, and cultural researchers with an immersive platform to experience and immerse themselves in the magnificence of African artwork. Seeking to overcome the limitations of physical displays, our website allows for an expansive collection to be showcased online, providing anytime access to the masterpieces. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, the website aims to bridge the geographical gap and bring Africa’s magnificent artistry directly to viewers’ fingertips.

Objectives and Target Audience

Our website’s primary objective is to portray extraordinary African art in its true brilliance while acting as an inclusive platform for artists to gain recognition and appreciation for their exceptional talent. We aim to cater to both seasoned art collectors seeking t0 augment their collections and to art nouveaux with an interest in exploring the rich artistic culture of Africa. Our target audience transcends boundaries, comprising art lovers, historians, curators, collectors, and enthusiasts seeking inspiration and cultural enlightenment.

Discover The Moustapha Cisse Difference

What sets the Moustapha Cisse Collection apart is the acknowledged expertise and meticulous curation presented by our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members behind the scenes. Our relentless dedication to curatorial excellence ensures that the artworks showcased meet exceptional artistic standards while providing powerful narratives reflecting Africa’s historical and contemporary art phenomena. With profound admiration for Africa’s incredible art legacy, the Moustapha Cisse Collection offers a unique opportunity to discover the distinct richness and extraordinary appeal of African art.

Explore the definitive online African art experience at Moustapha Cisse Collection – where art, history, and culture converge in resplendence.

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